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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  March 9, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> we begin in maryland this and where a chilling discovery by family members sparked a police investigation that my family found the body of an infant in the trunk of a car in prince frederick last night. brianne carter is on the scene. >> police remained relatively
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tight-lipped about this case. neighbors in this community say this is a shocking discovery. the authorities got the call around 6:30 last night when i got here to this community to discover that a newborn was found dead inside the trunk of a car. according to family members they found the body while cleaning out the inside of the car. authorities say it is unclear how the baby ended up there or how old the child is. neighbors said the family lived here is friendly but has only lived here about one year. many have said they cannot imagine how this could happen to them. i thought it was insane it could happen so close to home. >> all i could think of was my siblings. could that happen in my family somewhere? i could not imagine how somebody could do that. >> we understand that the family
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was questioned by police. is still unclear whether charges will be filed in this case. police tell us they are waiting for the preliminary results from the autopsy in order to continue this investigation. we could learn more and we are expecting a press conference at 2:00 this afternoon and we will continue to follow this story and have more coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> in the district, police responded to a burst of gunfire and a suspect is hospitalized after turning the gun on officers. it started after midnight near the 8100 block of eastern avenue near the border with maryland. john gonzales is live with the latest. >> police say the gunmen shot a montgomery county police officer, and eight-year veteran and his rookie partner. the return fire striking the man at least three times. he was transported in handcuffs.
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he is in critical condition. fragments light on front porches with shots strewn around eastern avenue and car windows blown out. a man was walking around outside firing his gun at everything he came across. >> all of a sudden, it was like automatic weapons. >> when police offers as from montgomery county and the district arrived they heard the gunshots and when they spotted the man, police say he turned his weapon to the officers and continued firing. >> none of the officers had a rookie training with them. both the officers were involved in the gunbattle. >> neighbors heard and saw it all from their windows. >> i was like get it down. >> d.c. police have taken over
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the investigation. detectives have been combing through the damaged cars and history is littered with evidence along with the man's home. his family was in the house and after the shooting, a very emotional relatives talked with police. >> you are talking two doors away from the house. >> eastern ave is open once again and detectives are trying to figure out why the man was out with a gun to begin with. the officer wounded in that hand and both boxers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. >> is turning into a blustery day and it will be a cold start to the weekend and adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. >> it is a little breezy this afternoon but not as wendy as yesterday. these clouds are stubborn. we will be off to some sunshine within the next few hours.
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47 degrees in fairfax. the winds are gusting up to 27 miles per hour and there is sung in western maryland. the highs today will be in the mid-50's and a little cooler in some locations where the clouds will linger longer. a lot cooler than this time yesterday. today behind the cold front, we will only make it into the 50's and tomorrow even cooler. i will be back to give you details on the weekend forecast. >> two day care workers are behind bars after a three-month old baby died in their care. the two women were caring for nearly two dozen children in an illegal de care on sapphire rich place in bristow. we're learning more about how the infant died. >> the 50-year old and a 42-
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year-old are now behind bars each charged with five counts of child endangerment. they were arrested last night by prince william county detectives to say the pair were caring for 23 children in an illegal day care. police say all the kids were under the age of four and six of them were just babies. >> it is a shocking thing that the police were called out to this home on sapphire rich place after someone called to report an unresponsive child. officials rushed the three-month bill to the hospital where she later died and an autopsy is being performed today but police say there were no obvious signs of trauma or foul play. >> i did not find out until i picked up my child and saw the police. >> parents brought their children to this on for day care say they are surprised. people live in this neighborhood say they are equally as shot. they sometimes they would see more than a dozen kids playing in the backyard of his home and they never knew this day care was not licensed.
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>> you have to go to the county to get a license so that you would be covered by insurance. these are kids. this is not a joke. >> police said a woman who owns a home is out of the country and they are still trying to reach her. neighbors believe the two women were helping the homeowner run her operation while she was away. so far, no charges have been filed. >> all so new two high school students are accused of robbing a classmate with a pellet gun yesterday morning in the gym locker room at flowers high- school in springdale. the teen suspects got away with cash and cell phone. the student victim was not hurt and the suspects fled and one has been taken into custody and the other is still at large. school officials sent an alert to parents. >> a brazilian man is facing road rage charges.
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a mercedes-benz a driver swerved near another driver yesterday morning. the toyota driver honked and a mercedes driver stopped and got out. police say he broke the toyota windshield with his arm and struck the other driver in the face and drove off. within 10 minutes, the police track down and arrested this 37- year-old. he is charged with aggressive driving and destruction of property. a prince george's county councilwoman, leslie johnson begins her jail time today in federal prison in west virginia. she was sentenced to a year and a day behind bars for her role in the correct -- corruption screen -- skiing spearheaded by her husband jack johnson. >> we have major news of your looking for a job this spring. employers created 227,000 jobs in february. was it enough to satisfy the
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american public? our employment remains steady. >> for the white house it boils down to two words -- slow and steady economic improvement. 227,000 jobs added in february according to the government adding up to the strongest three months since the recession for four years ago pretty unemployed rate is stuck at 8.3%, the first time in five months it has not dropped. >> the rate does not tell you much of everything. some people are not looking for jobs anymore. the real rate is somewhere around 9%. >> there is growing optimism in the job market as many people have given up came up -- off the sidelines to look for jobs. this 23-year-old has the look great job since december of 2010. she is beginning to believe she will soon find work. a pipe fitting factory in rhode island is moving production from china back to the u.s. >> it feels really good.
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>> with 200,000 jobs added consumer confidence is higher. the stock market is up but is the economy helping -- improving enough to help with president obama's reelection campaign? >> we are chugging along very slowly >> the jobless rate has and remained above 8% for three years, the longest since 1948 with 5.3 million fewer total jobs now than when the recession started at this rate, it could take at least four years to get unemployment back down to 5%. >> on the same day that the unemployment report is released, president obama is going to prince george virginia to talk about job creation. in 30 minutes the president will appear if and a rolls-royce engine plant and will outline new proposals aimed at helping
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the factory develop new products. he will have two campaign fund- raisers in texas. republican candidates are busy on the campaign trail. mitt romney held a town hall meeting this morning in jackson mississippi. newt gingrich was in the state today, holding a rally in meridian and rick santorum is focusing on kansas today. >> still much more to come on abc 7 news aetna and. >> we saw all the action, police cars, people being pulled out on gurneys and there was a swat team. >> a shooting rampage at a hospital. new details on the gun man behind it. >> changing classic recipes -- we have reason for big changes for pepsi and coca-cola. >> also houris world continues and new details about the secret weapon giving him advice for the royal moments them up all that and if you missed 70 degrees
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from yesterday, you don't have to wait too long for more than pleasant weath
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at home with steve chenevy and cynne simpson. >> police are planning to ask the public health to identify the gunmen who opened fire at a psychiatric clinic near the university of pittsburgh campus. the gunmen walked into the hospital before 2:00 yesterday with two semiautomatic guns and began shooting in the lobby. if a hospital worker was killed and six others were injured before the gun man was fatally shot by campus police officer.
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witnesses described the scene as terrifying them we saw all the action police cars, people being pulled out on gurneys, and there was a swat team. then we put the news on and heard there was a shooting. then we were told to get away from the windows. >> the gun man did not have any identification on him and police are trying to get a photograph of the dead and gunmen for the medical examiner and want to release that to the public in the hopes that someone can identify him. >> the head of virginia tech takes the stand today in a lawsuit over the deadly rampage nearly five years ago. there were two students who died in the shooting that are -- the families of two students who died in the shooting are suing. the victims' families said there daughters and other victims may have survived if they university had acted sooner to warn students. >> we have an update on controversy surrounding the ingredients used in the nation's
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two most popular sodas, coca- cola and pepsi. they have announced the way they are making their caramel coloring. they are doing so to avoid being forced to use a cancer warning label in california. the state claims one of the ingredients is a carcinogen. coke and pepsi say their products are safe but they will make their changes nationally to streamlined manufacturing. >> prince harry is making his final stop in a weeklong tour celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee. he is now in brazil. he is promoting british tourism. prince harry reportedly has his big brother to thank for his successful tour. sources said prince william has been texting em advice on how to balance fun with formality. somehow i think that is prince william telling him to put a lid
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on it. >> it looks like a vacation. >> it looks like he wants to continue this world tour. >> he is the perfect person to do this. >> there is work to be done. there is no balance weather-wise out there. we keep going back and forth and up and down with temperatures. today and tomorrow we have a downswing but it jumps back sunday into monday and next week looks good. yesterday, the weather pattern we had was indicative of a common spring and summer weather pattern in washington and all signs point to that weather pattern happening again throughout next week. 70's yesterday and 50's today. you see the sunrise but you don't see the sun, you just see the cloud cover. these clouds are more stubborn
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than i had anticipated. they are taking longer to scoot out of here but they will. we will be off to a beautiful friday afternoon when they do. you can see some of the clouds thinning out and a little bit of blue in the skies. 50 degrees and the district and 51 in martinsburg and generally right around 50 and once we get the sun popping out temperatures will spike. compared to yesterday, we are about 20 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday at this time. 22 degrees difference in gaithersburg. this is all across the northeast and mid-atlantic. look at these temperature changes -- 27 degrees cooler now in syracuse then yesterday. that is the sign of a nice spring cold front making its mark on area thermometers. we're dealing with the cold front that is now out to sea in
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a nice cool breeze behind that but it is a little gusty. it is gusting up to 25-30 m.p.h. today but high-pressure to our west will slowly settled in tonight and tomorrow giving us a lot of sunshine or the weekend and also dropping the wind. clear skies tonight and temperatures down and the upper 20's and outlying areas. only the upper 40's tomorrow. we will have a struggle to make it to 50 south of town and sunday we rebound into the lower 60's. >> coming up, >> this is really najee. naughty. >> obsessed with their pets -- if you are not, you know somebody who is that we will take a look at the inside light of these animal-delton honors.
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animal-doting owners. >> later today -- actress julianne moore o
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♪ >> the millions we spend every year proves that americans are flat out obsessed with our pets. that will happen tonight on the special tonight on a "20/20." you guys stand out that this may
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go deeper than what many of us think. >> they are cute in the eye of beholder but the obsession is extraordinary. robin roberts meets the woman who pampers her pets to a level i have never seen before. my colleague john berman goes out and meet people who have passed beyond belief, things you never think should be kept in a house. i will take a look at the age- old debate, the primordial division between cat people and dog people. i dunno which side you guys are on but it is a war out there. >> i was blown away when i was reading that some people are getting plastic surgery for their pets. is this happening with cats and dogs? >> i was blown away, too. i never heard of this and it is beyond -- if somebody had told
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me there was pat plastic surgery, -- there was pat plastic surgery there are prospects -- prostatic private parts being attached as well. that is jaw-dropping stuff. >> you are focusing on dogs vs. cats but you are talking about other extreme pets? >> john berman found some reptiles that will knock your socks off unbelievable stuff. >> looking for 2 tonight on " 20/20" at 10:00 and then stay with us for abc 7 news at eleven o'clock. >> still
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>> welcome back at 12:27. let's look at the forecast. >> we're on a downswing but we climb back quickly by sunday. we will have bright sunshine throughout the weekend and pleasant conditions and fair skies but 62 on sunday and we climbed into the lower 70's for next of next week -- for most of next week. there might be some isolated areas of rain but for the most part, sunny. >>
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